About 6


Our Roots

Honestly, our story in many ways is fairly generic. Two hard working people meet, a friendship develops, and their love of great beer turns into a business. Blah, blah, blah. We do not want to bore you while propping up some whimsical tale about why our story is so special and how romantic brewing beer is. What is unique is in the details and experiences along the way, the hurdles cleared, hardships endured, friendships created, and all the happy and sad moments that come with life. We would way rather grab a pint and BS about the past, and future.

Beers like Bridgeport IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Mad River Steelhead Double IPA, and Big Sky Moose Drool inspired and fostered our love of craft beer.

Having grown up here in Puget Sound area our whole lives, enjoying the outdoors while respecting Mother Nature has always been important in our lives. We are proud to have been the 1st Craft Brewery in WA to can our beer, a novel idea back in ’09. ‘No more broken glass and heavy trash’ as we said then. Ready for enjoyment in all environments, and all the adventures life throws your direction.

Cheers to all the adventure yet to come. Join us!

Mike & Travis


About 8

We know how to have some fun while staying true to our mission of quality and consistency with our beer.

To the wizards behind the scenes, behind the taps, and behind the screens: THANK YOU!


About 9

An ongoing collection of historic Northwest beer memorabilia.

Our home in the restored historic Heidelberg Brewery facility in Tacoma

About 11


We have always been driven to craft the best beer we can, and (in our opinion) the true challenge, consistency. Constant innovation is exciting and engaging, but consistent core beers that you can always depend on, is a challenge that equally drives us.

Our approach to beer development is different than most. We outline the desired finished product, it’s appearance, aroma, mouthfeel and then reverse engineer the ingredients and processes to get our desired final product. Knowing and understanding not just individual ingredients characteristics, but how they interact with each other make this possible.

Awards & Validation

Awards!? We do not strive for our beers to be brewed to style specifications; we like to put our own twist on our interpretations. Not trying to knock awards, but there are so many, more every day, meaning less and less as they dilute their significance. For us, awards and the like do not give us validation. Our validation comes from all the beer lovers, whom with a gazillion options, choose 7 Seas. We are incredibly humbled and thankful for that choice.

What is success to us?

A question we are asked from time to time. Many people consider sales $$ and volumes to be the measurement. We do not. Our idea of success is to create an environment in which our team loves to come into work, we can positively affect our community, and by offering the finest quality, service, and value to our customers we can. If our team is happy and engaged, our customers are as well, and we can support our incredible community, there is no better definition of success in our opinion.

Quality & Lab Specs

Quality and consistency are paramount to our mission and drive. We are committed to making the best beer we can, consistently, over and over… and over again, while always improving. Whether it’s training, additional operations, updating procedures, new equipment, we are always focused on improvement and consistency. We have chosen to source all new brewhouse and tanks from AAA Metal Fab, The Dalles, OR.


  • Filtec Gamma Ray Low-Fill Detection
  • Markem-Imaje Date Coding
  • CMC-Kuhnke Can Seam Inspection
  • Mettler-Toledo DO Oxygen Testing
  • Sensory Program

Brewhouse Specs

We have chosen to source all new brewhouse and tanks from AAA Metal Fab, The Dalles, OR.

Tacoma Brewery:

  • Housed in the 80,000sq/ft Historic Heidelberg Brewery facility, Tacoma
  • 25bbl 3-vessel Brewhouse, CLT & HLT, AAA Metal Fabrication
  • 12 – 75bbl Fermenters, AAA Metal Fab
  • 2 – 20bbl Fermenters, AAA Metal Fab
  • 2 – 40bbl Fermeneters, AAA Metal Fab
  • 3 – 75bbl Brite Tanks, AAA Metal Fab
  • 1 – 20bbl Brite Tank, AAA Metal Fab
  • 1 – 40bbl Brite Tank, AAA Metal Fab
  • HB1-S GEA Centrifuge
  • ProRefrigeration Chiller
  • Meridian Grain Silo
  • Packaging:
    • Wildgoose 4-head Filler/Seamer, Ska Fabricating Depal, Twist Rinse, Post Conveyance
    • Filtec Gamma Ray Low-Fill Detection
    • Comac 2+1T NSA Keg Line w/ Vaculex

Gig Harbor Brewery:

  • Housed in a 10,000sq/ft facility, Gig Harbor
  • 5bbl 2-vessel Brewhouse,
  • 3 – 8.5bbl Fermenter
  • 3 – 8.5bbl Brite Tanks
  • ProRefrigeration Chiller